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The Sower

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In this parable, a man sows (scatters) seeds in a field. Some of the seeds fall by the wayside and are eaten by birds. Some fall among thorns and are choked out. Some fall on stony ground and start to grow, but when the heat of the sun beats down they do not have deep enough roots to survive and are lost. Still other seeds fall on good ground where they bring forth fruit.

The Lord teaches us that the seeds represent the Word of God and the ground represents the hearts of those who hear the word. Some have hearts like the wayside and receive the word, but then let Satan (birds) come and snatch it away. Others have thorny hearts and let their own pleasures and cares choke out the word of God. Still others have stony hearts and though they give the word a chance, when the heat of persecution shines upon them they give up and the word is lost. Finally, some have fertile hearts and make room for the word of God. These bring forth fruit through their actions and become what the sower wanted them to be.

I placed on the ground the shadow of a heart to remind us that we choose which kind of heart we have. We can be like fertile ground and prepare a place for the word of God to grow within us. I also put the symbol of the fish in the sown seeds to remind us that once we find the word, we too must go forth as sowers and spread the good news of Christ.