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The Burden of the Responsible Man

SKU: JC1020650-Meta
Unlike The Responsible Woman,  men carry their responsibilities on their shoulders and plod along the checker board road of life, chasing the ever-present carrot on a stick. The key is to realize that the things we see as burdens, are not chained to us, but choices we made - things we decided to carry with us. In fact, are these burdens at all? They may well be blessings, presented as challenges, each a necessary part of our personal growth.
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Infinity Aluminum Editions are stunning, luminescent modern works of art created on lightweight metal panels. Infinity refers to the technique of displaying the edition panel unframed, therefore unconstrained by a frame, just as with an infinity pool.

The sublimation process creates an edition that will not crack, peel or fade. Sublimation begins with a 1/16” aluminum panel coated with a clear polymer-based substrate. Through a heat print pressing process, the image, comprised of special sublimation inks, transforms to a gaseous state and infuses itself into the clear polymer substrate.

The most significant result of this process is how light passes through the sublimation inks, now suspended within the polymer coating, and reflects off the aluminum sheet beneath, creating spectacularly rich colors.



Edition Sizes for Limited Edition Pieces:

Infinity Aluminum Edition:  350