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Teaching The Scriptures

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Just as with the righteous women in the scriptures, our Savior loves and reverences every faithful woman today.

Several years ago I painted Teaching the Scriptures. The inspiration came from the scriptural account of Eunice teaching her son, Timothy, the Holy Scriptures.

Before beginning a painting, I do extensive research. With Teaching the Scriptures, I asked several professors of Ancient Scripture at BYU how women of scriptural times taught their children about God and His commandments. Did they have access to personal scriptures? No, they did not. Instead mothers read and taught from scrolls that were kept in their homes for the edification and learning of the family.

This painting is a tribute to the mothers in my life – my beloved mom, my daughter, and mothers everywhere who understand the importance of scriptures in the lives of their children. (Scripture reference: 2 Timothy 3:15)

Painting by Sandy Freckleton Gagon