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Artist: David Merrill
SKU: DM000001-Meta
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We have all grown up with the story of Noah and flood, but a deeper look at the life of Noah reveals many lessons for us today.

Although Noah lived during a time of great wickedness, he raised three sons who grew and, “hearkened unto the Lord.” – Moses 8:13. Perhaps one of the reasons Noah was able to raise a righteous family amidst such wickedness was his unwavering obedience. It is remarkable to think of this humble man building a boat on dry land and prophesied of a coming flood, all while the sun was shining and the people laughing. In fact, so great was Noah’s righteousness that after his death he was chosen to return as the Angel Gabriel and announce the birth of the Savior (HC 3:386).

May we each be inspired by Noah’s example and live with perfect obedience despite a world that grows ever more wicked, and may it be said of us as it was of Noah, he was, “a just man and perfect … [who] walked with God.”