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Plate 1 - Guatemala Highlands Shock of Wheat

Agricultural methods in many areas of the Guatemalan highlands have not changed for hundreds of years. The indigenous tribes still hand-cut their wheat and tie and stack them in beautiful shocks.

Grain is mentioned more than 20 times in the Book of Mormon. One sign of blessings from heaven was when it was raised in abundance. It was used in weights and measures and as a from of payment. It was shared freely when the people were righteous.

"And now, because of the steadiness of the church they began to be exceedingly rich, having abundance of all things whatsoever they stood in need--an abundance of flocks and herds, and fatlings of every kind, and also abundance of grain...

"And thus, in their prosperous circumstances, they did not send away any who were naked, or that were hungry, or that were athirst, or that were sick, or that had not been nourished...therefore they were liberal to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, whether out of the church or in the church, having no respect to persons as to those who stood in need."

This beautiful shock of wheat is a reminder of the blessings of the Lord in your life.
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