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He Called Me By Name

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Joseph recorded the experience of meeting the Angel Moroni as he was given a part of his mission on earth:

“On the evening of the…twenty-first of September 1823…I betook myself to prayer and supplication to Almighty God. While I was thus in the act of calling upon God, I discovered a light appearing in my room… When a personage appeared at my bedside, standing in the air…

“He called me by name, and said unto me that he was a messenger sent from the presence of God to me, and that his name was Moroni; that God had a work for me to do; and that my name should be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues…”

One need only enter “Joseph Smith” into any internet search engine to see the fulfillment of this prophecy. Truly the world has used Joseph’s name for good and evil. How blessed we are that he was true to the faith to his last breath.