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Day Of God's Power

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Wilford Woodruff said of this experience:

"While I was living in this cabin in the old barracks, we experienced a day of God’s power with the Prophet Joseph. It was a very sickly time and Joseph had given up his home in Commerce to the sick, and had a tent pitched in his door-yard and was living in that himself….Brother Joseph had waited on the sick, until he was worn out and nearly sick himself."

"On the morning of the 22nd of July, 1839…he called upon the Lord in prayer, and the power of God rested upon him mightily, and as Jesus healed the sick around him in his day, so Joseph, the Prophet of God, healed all around on this occasion. He healed all in his house and door-yard; then, in company with Sidney Rigdon and several of the Twelve, he went through among the sick lying on the bank of the river, and he commanded them in a loud voice, in the name of Jesus Christ, to come up and be made whole, and they were all healed."

"It was the greatest day for the manifestation of the power of God through the gift of healing since the organization of the Church."