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Brother Joseph's Revenge

SKU: LL21R-Meta
"Print Only" canvases will come with two inch borders and will most likely be shipped in a tube.
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This painting illustrates the love Joseph had for children and the respectful love they returned. The prophet was not too busy to interact with even the smallest members of his following. I most want you to see how comfortable the children are with the prophet. They had no fear of him because they instinctively knew his love and concern for them.

This side of Joseph is the one most easily forgotten. It is easy to remember Angel Moroni’s visit, the First Vision, and the translation of the Book of Mormon. What we forget is those events did not occupy every minute of Joseph’s life. He knew the value of "loosening the bow." He took time to enjoy life. Joseph exemplifies the scripture, "Men are that they might have joy."

The children could have started this water fight, but I can almost guarantee who really did.